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Any online servers are unrated experiences you will see unfiltered and raw conversations going on in an hosted instantiated session. If you do not like the conversation in the session room, please leave the session and host one for your own.

Common Rules

[1] Do not use Instantiated to cause problems that could potentionally bring the servers down on purpose.
[2] Do not pretend to be an Instantiated staff member.
[3] Do not beg constantly to be a staff member of Instantiated. (Infact don't even ask at all)
[4] Use common sense, don't use Instantiated for any illegal purposes.

1st offense: First warning
2nd offense: Second warning
3rd offense: Temp ban for 3 days.
Last offense: Now it's just a permanent ban.

We do not lift permanent bans. Once you are banned, you are banned forever. Ban evading will also result in a permanent ban.