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Session Information

Information is key when knowing what inside your session and exposing the inside of what going on in your session. Inspecting the session requires that you own the session before looking inside and even if you have a role in the session it will still require you to be the complete ownership of it.

All of Inspector value sets

  • Title
  • SessionID
  • Clients
  • InstanceOwner
  • LastPing
  • MaxClients
  • Password
  • BannedIP
  • Storage
  • WhitelistToggles
  • WhitelistIP
  • isServerOnly
  • Locked
  • Roles
  • InstanceRules
  • MOTD
  • ConnectedIP
  • Creation
  • Invites
  • All

Packet Information of Session Inspection

{"msg":"inspect_session", "instance_guid":"My session id here", "Inspector": "All"}

The server receives the packet and sends back the half or full information of the session.

{"MSG":"session_info","DataSet":{"AppTitle":"my application title","SessionID":"My session id here","Clients":[0],"InstanceOwnership":0,"LastPing":"Unused variable. So it is not useful anymore.","MaximumClients":40,"SessionPassword":"","BannedIP":[],"SessionStorage":{},"WhitelistOnOff":0,"WhitelistedIP":[],"ServerOnly":0,"TrafficData":{"Upload":0,"Download":0},"SessionLock":0,"Roles":{"List":[]},"Rules":[],"MessageOfTheDay":"my_session_id_here's session server.","ConnectionIP":["*.*.*.*"]}}