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Here are some sample projects, just click here to see a list of projects I created. Check out the Chat folder.

Instantiated allows the "User" to host an instance from one of our Instance Servers hosting in USA. Think of it as your own personal home that you can do whatever you wish to do in it, make any rule you want others to follow, setup a moderation team of your own and announce hosted events on you're own instance ensuring that we bring the power to the user on self moderation systems that will never go away.

What is Self Moderation?
Self Moderation is a system that lets a user or in this case the person who owns the instance to kick/ban a user from their instance if they feel like they are breaking the user's instance rules. Instead of relying on the developer to moderate the sessions, the users are brought to moderate the session on their own since they created the instance. Logging must be on either the user or the instance creator as the server is only capable of logging only activities such as when the instance was created, when it was destroyed, what time the socket's connection was made/closed and attempted access to the server's admin panel.

What is your goal for this project?
My goal is allowing anyone to host their own instance and give them the power to do whatever they wish with their own created/hosted instance as long as they follow the simple rules of (don't ddos the server, don't pretend to be an instantiated staff and ensure common sense when operating your instance.)

How much freedom do the instance owners have?
As much freedom as they like where they are not heavily censored. Instantiated promises that if you are the one hosting the instance then we have no right to stop you from creating your own community, a club, a tournament/competition or just for you and your friends only. It's kinda really like your own house where you make the rules.

Any privacy concerns that we should worry about?
None that should be personal other then your IP Address being recorded (on our server) but other then that we do not record any data streamed from within the instance. Unless the host enables logging from the instance room via custom code from within the game/application to log data such as movement, chat and files/images.

When will we be able to run our own Instantiated server?
No, at least not until the server dies out to the point of shutting down. There aren't even other official servers at the moment as it's a new project.

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